Romania Sonora – progetto

Romania Sonora, multimedia, artistic and itinerant project

written by Riccardo Toccacielo and Officina Sonora.
The vision of the project is inspired by the desire to investigate the close relationship between the Romanian territory and its sound memory. Just as every community has in its territory some points of reference that distinguish it and give it its own character, in the same way they also have sound impressions, a unique sound, endowed with characteristics that make it peculiar. Each sound landscape has its own history, which together with the territory, changes with time, or even disappears.

Romania Sonora is a traveling project and includes a trip to ten locations in Romania, chosen for their tourist value and originality. The selection was done also with the precious help of the Assistant Professor of Anthropology Department of Sociology, Bogdan Iancu and Monica Stroe, Lecturer in Anthropology and Erasmus + coordinator.
During this journey, the artist will freely chose specific artifacts (of any shape and composition) and will take recordings of the sound landscape (environmental and voices). At the end of this exploration the artifacts and sound recordings will become part of the artistic process with the aim of creating the Sound Sculptures. These ten sculptures shall be embedded with an audio amplification system and will play the pre-recorded audio material, with the aim to finally present them to the public within an exhibition.

The exhibition is aimed to stop and represent our sound and material time, unique in its present, to make it public, experiential and conscious. The exhibition is intended to be a material and sound map of the Romanian territory, a mosaic of visual, sound and tactile suggestions linked to the physicality and concreteness of the places but also to the human groups that live and act in these places. The choice of the sound-material embraces the Dada aesthetic, the object is deconstructed, reconfigured and amplified. The viewer will find himself analyzing his own reconstructed territory, “living” the sound landscape.
The Map. Sound sculpture created for Romania Sonora project.