Riccardo Toccacielo – 2021
Wood, Saschiz ceramic, speakers
200 X 110 X 50
This is a tribute to the organ in the Saschiz fortified church. The Saschiz organ was built in 1786 by the organ builder Johannes Prause and brought from Brasov in 1788. As times changed and the musical pieces became more complex, the organ was enhanced twice by integrating additional tubes. Listening to the organ sometimes seems like listening to an entire orchestra, as the complex mechanism allows a rich variation of sounds. We attempted to reconstruct the organ and express its significance within the Saxon communities by working together with local craftsmen, mixing materials and techniques. We started with the creation of the tubes, which were made of the “blue Saschiz” ceramics. For the structure, we chose wood, a simple material that we love, and we reproduced the gothic arches of the church. The painted decorations were made by a local artisan using traditional motives. Inside the structure, the keyboards are frozen in time, immutable.