La Ricompensa

52 X 52 X 52

Realizing a “reward” within which thoughts can pass through the material, without losing their connection. Respecting Satie’s will poses a duty and, using only plexiglass, it was possible for me to return the idea of a unique intimacy between the performer and Satie.

Riccardo Toccacielo

This work reunites the advice given for interpretation advice, or what Satie called “the reward of the pianist.” Small suggestions which accompanied his scores from 1893 to 1919. By replacing the captions with conventional (“allegro,” “con brio,” “lento”), the composer used more than 200 expressions of his own coinage.
What lends itself to reflection in these pieces of “advice” is the psychological aspect more than the technical. All these recommendations are invitations to humility, modesty renunciation, depersonalization and discouragement of ego.
The critic Louis Laloy once said, “that which exists is useful, but the essential is something not there. The music of Satie is useful for all that is impossible to find within it. It has no surface, it is possible to see thoughts throughout his music”

La ricompensa is part of Erik Satie project

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