Éric Alfred Leslie Satie

Éric Alfred Leslie Satie

Record Vinyl
78 x 140 X 18 cm

I began listening to his compositions. His art talks about music and because of the music his life become “intolerable.” The first work that I decided to realize was “Éric,” a bas-relief realized entirely with records vinyl. Potentially a musical work, one that speaks to its very essence.

Riccardo Toccacielo

Éric is part of Erik Satie project

“The origins of the Saties probably go back to ancient times. Oh yes…I can’t confirm anything on this point, but no can I contradict it.
As for me, I was born in Honfleur (Calvados), in the Pont-l’Évêque district, on 17 May 1866. Following a rather short adolescence, I became an ordinary young man, tolerable but nothing more. At that moment in my life I began to think and to write music. Oh yes. Wretched idea!…very wretched idea!
Then life became so intolerable for me that I resolved to retire to my estates and pass the rest of my days in an ivory tower, or one of some other (metallic) metal.
This is why I acquired a taste for misanthropy; why I nurtured hypochondria; why I became the most (leaden-like) miserable man. It distressed people to look at me, even through gold plated eyeglasses. Oh yes.
And all this happened to me because the music. That art has done me more harm than good, really: it has made me quarrel with people of quality, most honorable, more-than-distinguished, terribly genteel people.
Let us pass on. I shall come back to this subject later.
As a person, I am neither good nor bad. I waver between the two, so to speak. So I have never really done harm to anyone, nor good, come to that. All the same, I have plenty of enemies, loyal enemies, of course. Why? For the most part, it is because they don’t know me, or only know me at secondhand, in short, through hearsay (lies worse than death)”.

Erik Satie

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